We require Faith to overcome the world. If not, you would not know that you’re under the Dominion of the world. If you do not from scriptures analyze what the will of God is. If you look at Luke chapter 15 verse 24 The Prodigal Son. The father said this my son was dead. But we know physically that the boy did not die like physically. He was living a life that was not in consistency with the will of the father, spiritually that is referred to as death. When Adam and Eve partook of the food that God said they should not partake of the Bible says they were dead and driven out of the garden. What happened? They were separated from the life of God so when the man is separated from God he is referred to as being dead.

You are dressing the way you are dressing because you are influenced by someone. Your outward apparel is an internal influence of your mind. So for instance is our if I dress in a certain way, I feel like I’m not current, who defines what is current? The dead man that’s in the world. And so you unconsciously begin to dress in a certain way because actually your mind is being controlled by a system of the World that defines what fashion is.

We need to constantly immerse ourselves in the word to be able to identify if we are being driven by these things and that’s the primary use of our faith. You see we have reduced the use of our faith in the body of Christ to just things. Things are the smallest thing to get in the Kingdom. What God really wants us to use our faith for is to be able to impart the world with a life of righteousness. If you read Hebrews 11 you realize that most of the things that was listed about those people, none of the type of houses they stayed in was listed. None of all that they had was listed.  Abraham was a rich man, Job was a rich man. I mean this guy’s hard resource, but in Hebrews chapter 11, not one of the things they had was listed, everything that was listed is what they used their faith  to accomplish for the greater purposes of God.

In the Christian faith we don’t rate people by what they have we rate people by what they are able to use their faith to accomplish for the greater purpose of the kingdom of God. What you had is Irrelevant in the Kingdom if your faith is not achieving things for God.

Have you ever thought of using your faith to get that cultist on the street into the kingdom? Have you ever put your faith on the line to get a sinner saved? Have you seen how selfishly we have taught faith in church? And that thing that selfishness is also a part of the world, because we’ve almost trained ourselves that if it’s not connected to materialism, then it doesn’t have anything to do with my life because we have been raised to be self-centered and as far as the enemy can get you self-centered, you will never lift your eyes to the greater purposes of God. If you’re self-centered, you never fulfill God’s will for your life because that ambition on your inside will constantly drive you out of the will of God for your life. 

You have to constantly renew your mind. So you can be able to prove what the will of God is because if you don’t renew your mind, the worldly lust will look like the will of God for you. But you know, what causes you to fall into temptation, you know, James explains it, what causes you to fall into temptation is your lust. Satan is not as powerful as you think, what Satan does is to implant this lust in your heart. Those must be driving you to pursue an agenda that looks legitimate but leads to your your own destruction.

Hebrews 11:6. And without faith. It is impossible to please him for he who comes to God must believe that he is and he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, not those who seek prosperiy, not those who seek husbands, not those who seek children, not those who seek jobs but  those seek God’s will.

What do you use your faith to do? When last did you use your faith to seek God? When last did you use your faith to get someone saved? Faith is beyond prosperity and the accumulation of material things, use your faith to fulfill God’s greater purpose for your life which is imparting the World with a life of righteousness.

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