The local church arm of God’s Kingdom Advancement Initiative/Ministries is called “Kingdom Development Christian Centre.” We see the church as a centre for kingdom development and deployment of the saints into all spheres of society the main reason behind the name.

Kingdom Development Christian Centre operates under the banner and apostolic covering of God’s Kingdom Advancement Ministries/Initiative founded in 1996 as a teaching ministry in the Riverine village of Joinkramma, River States by David O. Ogaga. After a few years he relocated to Warri under divine directions to plant the main Hub, the mission base in Joinkrama is still in existence and has birthed another mission station in Akinima, Rivers State.

KDDC Bonny Island was started as a house meeting with Sunday evening “present truth” meetings, and metamorphosed into full fledge Sunday and weekly services with five people May 19th, 2013

The KDCC is connected to the greater Body of Christ through kingdom alliances, relationships and friendships that transcends national, racial and geographical boundaries.