Growing Downwards, Bearing Fruits Upwards

“The surviving remnant of the house of Judah will again take root downwards and bear fruit upwards Isaiah 37:31 (NASB).

The principles of God’s kingdom are very specific and different from the ways of the world. In our world today, many are trying to bear fruits upwards- become famous, successful, popular, rich, great etc. These days, we throw those words around a lot and most of our bookshops are filled with  books on how to become a great sales person, how to become this and become that ; while there is nothing wrong on the surface with all of those principles,in this age of short cuts and quick fixes, we sometimes forget the principle that roots have to be established downwards before fruit can be borne upwards. We must understand that as children of the kingdom , the way to bear fruit upwards is to take root downwards.

The main work you have to do in this life, is in the secret (taking roots downward). As we enter a New Year, there are a lot of resolutions  being made which are  simply based on the material realm, without much attention given to the inward man of the heart –  1 Peter 3:4.

Decide this year that you will deepen your roots, you will be focused on taking root downwards and you will be amazed at how you will blossom and bear fruits upwards.

Some facts about the roots:

“The Root”

  • People do not see the root.
  • The root has no beauty.
  • Everybody appreciates the tree or the fruit but nobody appreciates the root.
  • The root makes the tree strong.
  • The root gives strength to the tree so that it can face strong winds, harsh and unfavourable circumstances.
  • The whole of the tree depends upon the root.
  • The root lives in the secret, hidden place.
  • The root performs all of its duties quietly and silently.
  • It is very essential for the root to be deep.
  • The deeper the root, the stronger the tree.

On the other hand, if insects or termites attack the root or if the root is too shallow, the tree becomes exposed to dangerous conditions.Such a tree is weakened and cannot face difficult storms.

The life of a Christian believer has a secret place. This is his relationship with God that is personal, spiritual and deep. It is his love, respect, honour,  reverence, thought patterns, attitudes, prayer life, study of God’s word, meditation, gifts for God and time spent in deep fellowship with the Lord. This is his personal, spiritual and secret relationship. The deeper the relationship becomes, the stronger it will be and its positive effects will be visible in the outer or social life.

Decide this year to deepen your relationship with God. Discover the power and purpose of the secret place.

Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving (Colossians 2:7).

Further study Scriptures: Mathew 6:3,6,17, Gal 5:22-23, John 15:8.


(c) 2017 – Pastor Maxwell E. Ogaga

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